Julius Peppers Comments On Soldier Field Sod

Tomorrow, the Bears will face the New England Patriots. In preparation for the big game Jay Cutler and Julius Peppers have been….commenting on the sod at Soldier Field? Earlier in the week Jay Cutler commented on the field conditions of Soldier Field, and now Peppers has voiced his opinion as well. He didn’t say it blows like Jay Cutler did, yet he did comment on how it’s cost him a couple of sacks so far.

Julius Peppers didn’t flat out criticize the Soldier Field playing surface like Jay Cutler did Wednesday, but the Bears defensive end did say the home-field grass has affected his play in certain situations this season.

“Yeah, I’ve slipped on it a couple of times,” Peppers told the Tribune. “It cost me a couple of sacks already.

“You’ve just have to be aware of it. You have to know what kind of surface you’re on and you have to adjust accordingly.”

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Keegan Rush

Keegan Rush

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