Lovie Smith Receives 2-Year Extension Through 2013

Friday the Bears announced that head coach Lovie Smith would be receiving a 2-year extension through 2013. There were many questions surrounding if the Bears planned to give Smith an extension. This is a topic that has been hot on the minds of Bears fans so far in the off-season.

Was a win over the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks worthy of a 2 year extension? I’ve never been a big fan of discrediting a victory because a team can only do so much with the schedule that is placed in front of them.

However, I think a 1 year extension would have been sufficient. Bear fans need to see that this season wasn’t a fluke. If we see a repeat performance in 2012, barring a lock out, Lovie Smith will finally be able to lose some of the heat that he’s getting.

Brian Urlacher and other players have been vocal that they wanted to play for Lovie Smith. Bringing him back is vital in keeping this team’s forward progression from this past season.

INDIANAPOLIS — All signs Thursday pointed toward Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith receiving a contract extension sooner rather than later.

Now, it’s official.

Smith and the Bears agreed to a two-year contract extension, the financial terms of which were not immediately announced Friday. This will keep Smith with the Bears through the 2013 season, rewarding him for this year’s unexpected appearance in the NFC title game.

“Of course I feel great about the extension,” Smith said from the NFL scouting combine.

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Keegan Rush

Keegan Rush

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