Martellus Bennett just won’t shut up about the Chicago Bears

Hell hath no fury like Martellus Bennett scorned.

A few days after extolling the virtues of being a New England Patriot following his 67-yard, 3-TD game in Tom Brady’s first game back from suspension, the former Chicago Bears tight end just couldn’t resist going in on his old team again.

As part of an E:60 profile posted today on Bennett and his, Michael—a defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks—Martellus took two more shots at the Bears, one specifically at Jay Cutler and one at the organization itself.

Here’s the entire video from which the following quotes come:

On Cutler:

“Some people that you want to be the leader is not the guy that’s the leader, and everyone in the locker room knows this is not the leader. But this is what you want the face of the team to look like.”

On the Bears:

“We just had a bunch of b****es on the roster. That’s why we didn’t win games. And coaches liked the b****es.”


Regardless of what peoples’ opinions are of Cutler’s leadership, which has been a topic of immense discussion throughout his Bears’ tenure, or why the Bears have been bad for the last two seasons, can we all agree that to continue his bitter crusade against his former team does nothing except make Bennett look like a petulant man-child?

Let’s not forget, too, that the erstwhile Bear also took time out of his day back in August to complain about his old quarterback in an ESPN interview, saying “I’d be open and (Cutler)’d throw into double coverage.” Naturally, he conveniently forgot that his best statistical year (2014: 90 catches, 916 yards, 6 TDs) came with Cutler feeding him the ball, but whatever.

And to further things, Bennett even called out Jason Witten when both were with the Dallas Cowboys for…not being nice to him.

“Witten didn’t talk to me when I was in Dallas. He didn’t help me. Very rarely did we talk. I hated him. I hated Witten.”

The touch of crabby teenager at the end of that particular quote is the icing on the spite cake.

Look man, we get it: you’re happy to be in New England being coached by one of the greatest coaches of all-time in Bill Belichick and catching passes from arguably the greatest quarterback in league history, Tom Brady. You didn’t want to be here, and the Bears didn’t want you here. It’s a business, but business can get messy and bitterness happens.

But do us all a favor, Marty: just catch your three touchdown passes a game from Brady and move on. You’re not a Bear or a Cowboy anymore. You’re a Patriot. I’m not one to advocate against athletes having a voice and having opinions, but continuing to express yourself so immaturely is a waste of everyone’s time, including your own.

That’s about as politely and diplomatically a way to say “just shut up, dude” as I can give you.

Khari Thompson

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