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One day later, Hawks’ Game 7 loss still stings

One day later, it still hasn’t settled in. The 2015-16 Chicago Blackhawks season is over. Their dreams of becoming the first team in nearly 20 years to repeat as Stanley Cup Champions — about the only aspect of the Detroit Red Wings run that the Hawks haven’t matched— were dashed. The next Blackhawks game that matters is about five-and-a-half months away. ...

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Somehow, someway, the Chicago Blackhawks head to Game 7

The best way to sum up the current thoughts on the Chicago Blackhawks is through two contradictory statements that are equally true. I cannot believe that this series with the St. Louis Blues is about to head to its seventh game. But on the other hand, I absolutely can believe that the Hawks have forced a Game 7 in this series. I didn’t think things could seem much bleaker after Game 4, with the Hawks on th ...

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A litany of Blackhawks mistakes in Game 4

If you came here to read an obituary on the Hawks 2015-16 season, you’re in the wrong place. I’m not going to declare this season over or declare this team dead or declare this obstacle too steep to climb. I’ve seen this team overcome too many mountainous hurdles over the last eight years to say that a comeback is not possible. But what I am going to do is to tell you how that road back into this series wil ...

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Blues doomed to repeat same mistakes against Blackhawks

I couldn't believe it when I saw the tweet come across my timeline. How many times are teams going to make the same mistake? Now, before I get into why Hitchcock's theory here is misguided, let's go back to the 2015 Western Conference Final and an infamous quote from longtime Hawk pest Ryan Kesler. ...

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Previewing the Chicago Blackhawks series with the St. Louis Blues

You should know the drill by now. Seven games. Two teams. One advances. Once again, the Chicago Blackhawks will kick off another Stanley Cup chase in a first-round meeting against hated divisional rival St. Louis. Let’s get to it. Any discussion of the Blues starts with 24-year-old Vladimir Tarasenko, who’s sure to be a thorn in the side of the Hawks again this series. He's go ...

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A look back at predictions for the Chicago Blackhawks 2015-16 season

Before we jump ahead to the playoffs, let’s go back and revisit our season preview (click that link for a reminder) from the start of the season to see just how wrong I was. I’ve got Teuvo Teravainen scoring at least 52 points this season: I should’ve put Artemi Panarin here, although I don’t think anyone expected Panarin to be quite as good as he was this year. I settled on 52 points because that was the n ...

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Chicago Blackhawks entering their annual March Malaise

Should we begin to panic about the Chicago Blackhawks? To worry about a team that’s won three Stanley Cups in the last six hockey seasons seems and still has most of its core group intact seems like a lesson in futility, doesn’t it? I mean, every time that I’ve started to worry about the Hawks in this decade, they’ve quickly relieved my fears with a sound beating of a good team almost immediately after. htt ...

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A Blackhawks Flashback to December 23, 2007

A quick note on this: I have to mention that the inspiration for writing about this night comes from recalling this article written by Sam Fels of The Committed Indian referring to the same night. I’d recommend checking out that story as well, as it’s the original (and almost certainly the better) one. I had no idea what I was in for when I talked my dad into taking the family to the Hawks game eight years ...

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Storylines to follow in the 2015-16 Chicago Blackhawks season

In a little less than 24 hours, we’ll get to witness the final act in yet another Stanley Cup victory for the Blackhawks, as the 2015 Stanley Cup Champions banner will be raised to the United Center rafters. Then that'll be a memory and it'll be time for a new season. So let's get right to it: here are some storylines to keep an eye on this winter: I've got Teuvo Teravainen scoring at least 52 points this s ...

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A farewell to Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Sharp

We all knew it was coming. No matter how the move was made, no matter how much sense it makes from a salary cap perspective, any time a player with a tenure as long and as successful as Patrick Sharp’s in Chicago is ended, the disappointment is going to linger for more than just a night. Let me take you back to my first memory of Patrick Sharp as a Blackhawks: April 5, 2007. The Blackhawks were approaching ...

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