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Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and the Dream Team available in NBA 2k17

It was 6 years ago that the NBA 2K series allowed you to play as Michael Jordan, featuring 10 unique challenges in 2K11. The feature opened the doors for the franchise to include historic players in their games. Now as we get set for NBA 2K17 to release in September, the game has announced that the 1992 Team USA "Dream Team" is available in the game. When you preorder 2K17, you will receive a special code t ...

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EA Sports Madden 17 trailer released

While NFL fans sit and wait for the 2016 season to begin, there's not much football news going on. But on Thursday, some news on a popular football video game was released. EA Sports officially announced New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski as the cover boy for Madden 17. They also announced some details including how they plan on focusing o ...

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Video Game Roundup Vol. 4

New Games -One of the most highly anticipated games of this year was Borderlands 2, and it didn't disappoint. It garnered rave reviews from both publications and gamers alike. It received Metacritic user ratings of 8.3 and 8.5 on the Xbox 360 and  PS3 respectively, and Metascores of 90/100 and 91/100 for the same consoles. Playing with a group of people is the bread and butter for this game though, if each ...

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Video Game Roundup Vol. 3

New Games - Madden NFL 13 is new and improved from previous installments, but the review scores stayed the same. Metacritic users gave it a 5.8 score on the 360 and a 4.9 on the PS3, while the the 360 got a 82/100 Metascore and PS3 got a 83/100 Metascore. Not very eye popping numbers to make a casual fan want to jump on the title. Scores aside, the gameplay is much more realistic this year with a new physic ...

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Video Game Roundup Vol. 2

New Games -Darksiders II is a game that has gotten quite a bit of publicity. You have more than likely seen the commercial on TV already, but it's also getting some strong reviews. The PS3 version has a 9.7 user score on Metacritic at the time I'm writing this article. Coming from Metacritic users, that's impressive. If you don't know what Darksiders is, think of a darker God of War (yes, that's possible). ...

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Video Game Roundup Vol. 1

Welcome readers to a new addition here at CCS, the Video Game Roundup. Video games are extremely popular across the world, not quite as popular as sports of course, but people keep tabs on them much like they would with sports. Gamers, like sports fans, have their favorite genre (favorite sport), a favorite franchise (favorite sports team), and favorite characters (favorite athletes). So with this new month ...

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Derrick Rose on Cover of NBA 2K13

Earlier today, 2K sports revealed the cover for their upcoming game NBA 2K13. The popular video game series will have three cover athletes for the latest installment of the game coming in October.  All-Stars Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose and Blake Griffin will grace the cover. Rose and Griffin joined Kobe Bryant in a new commercial from 2K sports that featured NBA 2k12 accolades, which can be found here. 2K's ...

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Robert Griffin III to be on the cover of NCAA Football 2013

Our friends at Digital Sports Scene  have learned that former Baylor QB Robert Griffin III will be the next NCAA Football cover boy. Griffin won the Heisman last season, so there's no surprise that he was selected for the cover. From DSS, I can’t say I’m surprised that the latest Heisman Winner is going to be the cover athlete, but here’s some pretty convincing confirmation that RG3 is going to be the cover ...

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