13 Blackhawks are representing 10 countries at the world championship beginning Friday in Slovakia


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I just watched Jack Hughes highlights, and the best move for team U.S.A. would be to treat him like a secret weapon with his unique style of speed/stick play, and hold him out for the games that matter.

I'm not saying thats the plan, but it might be the plan, because I think at his current age and weight he can be adapted against by the bigger stronger veterans who are experienced in taking guys off the puck. The best way to protect him would be to have opponents see as little as possible in the preliminary rounds, then use him in some unique way with Kane or Eichel or both, or on power plays.

I am hoping that is the case...that they unleash this dude and take the IIHF.
That's.... An interesting take.


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all they seemed to do was knock Hughes down in the draft.

Tough game, would be nice for AA to be a national hero and sign a deal in Russia to have our #3 draft pick center line come to fruition.


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Lankinen stole the show without question. Makes the camp battle for the back up job very interesting.
It better. The backup slot is the money position going into camp and unless Stan, JC, McDonut, or Rocky are actively trying to tank the 'hawks, it should be open to whoever earns it--especially because this year might very well be Crawford's swan song and whoever gets the slot has the inside track to be the next 'hawk starter.

Forsberg is an FA this summer, and honestly I think he walks.
Delia is signed for 1M over the next 3 and is waivers ineligible, plus is fully buryable.
Lankinen is signed for 925k until next summer, has about 212.5k in potential performance bonuses, is waivers ineligible, and is fully buryable.
Gravel is a dark horse candidate.
Plus I fully expect a vet netminder or two looking for a new start on a PTO basis to be in the mix.

The Delia/Lankinen situation is wholly unlike the Neimi/Crawford one--since there is no waivers to get in the way only a blithering idiot would send the guy who wins out of camp down to Rockford--the backup slot should be treated almost as a backup/potential 1b/potential 1a situation. Further, the goaltenders in question need to be held to their own merit. If the team D doesn't improve and distills goatloads once again this year we have to look at the goalies in a vacuum.

This should only bode well for the 'hawks...unless someone does something dumb and hand someone the position on a silver platter.