Chicago Bulls Fan Roll-Call: Introduce Yourself And Start Posting!

Axl Rose

¡Viva Zapata!
Bulls Fan Since: 2010
Favorite Current Bulls Player: Derrick Rose
Favorite All-Time Bulls Player: Derrick Rose
Favorite Bulls Moment: Derrick Rose Scored a Layup to win the game a couple of years back. great finish to a great game.

Im from the UK so most of my opinions are usually a day behind because I watch the games on gamepass the day after!

your post is indicative of how good Rose used to be...not only could he hoop but he had a humble attitude which made it easy to root for him and actually draw new fans in....what a difference a few years makes


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Bulls fan since - 1991
Favorite current player - McDermott
Favorite all time player - BJ Armstrong
Favorite Bulls moment - This is a tough one. Growing up in the early 90's a favorite moment could be any of the championship runs. But, I would say the moment that sticks out to me is Jordan's return game.

Sorry I have been around here for awhile, just haven't posted on this yet! Go Bulls!


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Bulls Fan Since: 1991
Favorite Current Bulls Player: Nikola Mirotic
Favorite All-Time Bulls Player: Michael Jordan
Favorite Bulls Moment: 1998 "The Shot" by Michael Jordan against Utah