Cubs Fan Roll-Call Thread : Introduce Yourself and Start Posting


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Name: Mark
Fav Present Player: Hmm - Kris Bryant but love many of the current Cubs
Fav Past Player: Ryan Sandberg
Fav Cubs Moment: Getting to personally see the 30th out of the final game last year. Was an amazing year, wouldn't have missed history like that!
Other Sports: Blackhawks fan, really love watching skilled players like Kane and Panarin, will miss Panarin a ton this year. Don't get me wrong I like watching the whole team and respect everyone's role but when there are 12 hockey players on the ice and one man controls the puck for 1 full minute and the defense can't catch him! So fun to watch! Refuse to watch the Bears and Bulls until they give me a reason to. They have been so poorly managed that it'll be a decade before they have a chance at playing .500.


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Hello all. New here. I am a Cubs fan and have been since I was 12 years old. I grew up in Iowa and we had just moved into a small town from the country in 1984 and we were able to get cable for the first time. My dad came from a long line of Cubs fans and I remember my grandmother telling me about listening to the Homer in the Gloamin' on the radio back in 1938 etc. (I'm really sad she was not around last year to finally see them win it all). Anyway, I started rooting for the Cubs and watching them on WGN in 1984 and ti was a heck of a first year as a Cubs fan as I fell in love with that 1984 team. Sandberg became my hero and yes, I cried when they lost game five to the Padres. I cried again in 1989 as a senior in high school when they lost to the Giants. Let's not even discuss 2003.

Last year was amazing and I'll never forget it.

Glad to be here.

My new fav players are Baez and Contreras. Love KB and Rizzo too.

The NLCS is looking grim but can't complain, had another great year. I had figured we would win 2 vs the Dodgers but at this point a sweep is looking like a real possibility.

Anyway, glad to be here, Go Cubs!


Name: Doug. 62 years old, lost more brain cells in Old Style cups at Wrigley than I likely have left. ;) Moved to Minneapolis in 1995, but will always bleed Cubbie blue. And I was happy I could witness for my Dad, who passed away in 1998, the Cubs WS victory in '16.

Favorite present player: Can't be just one. Goes Schwarbs, then KB, then Rizzo, Javy, Willson, Addi, Ben... and so on. Pitchers come in starting at about 12th on the list.

Favorite past player: Again, can't limit it to one. I guess it has to start with Banks, Santo and Jenkins, then Dawson, Sosa, Maddux, Grace, Soriano, Wood... etc., etc. My Dad's old fave was Hack Wilson.

Favorite Cubs moment: Dawson's last home at-bat in tbe '87 season, was at the game. It was a stormy day; the at-bat progressed, just before the final pitch there was a stroke of lightning and a great boom of thunder, and tben Dawson slammed a home run to left. The fan appreciation giveaway that day was a Cubs poster, which came rolled up in a plastic sleeve. I still recall the stands dissolving into 40,000 rolled-up posters being waved in the air, like cilia growing out of a great organism named Cubfan. It was an impressive moment.

Other sports: I'm a Bulls and Bears fan to the death. Sadly, I've never been into hockey or soccer.


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Hi, new member here. Recently stumbled upon a murder mystery novel that I wanted to share with my fellow Cubs fans! It’s titled “Laredo Slider” and takes place at no other than our beloved Wrigley Field.


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(Ugh since I'm new I can't add links until my 5th post ... so I have to break this up)
The author is a criminal court judge in Miami (like the main character) and decades long Cubs fan(atic). Here is the official description:


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Laredo Slider is the sequel to the award-winning The Shadow of Justice, and features the same protagonist: Clark N. Addison, a criminal-court judge in Miami. Judge Addison seems to be in luck these days. If he can catch the next plane to Chicago, a judicial colleague has a ticket for him to a post-season playoff game between the Cubs and the San Francisco Giants.

But Judge Addison’s visit to the “friendly confines” of Wrigley Field will involve everything but a baseball game. Despite a level of security that is described as unprecedented, a nationally-prominent political candidate is assassinated before the eyes of forty thousand fans and millions of TV-watchers. Russians? Terrorists? Crazies? Everyone has a theory; no one has a clue.


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Addison has played many roles in the criminal justice system. He’s a sitting judge, and was formerly a prosecutor. But as Laredo Slider unravels, he realizes that he’s being sized up for the one role in the process for which he was never prepared: that of suspect. And if he doesn’t solve this impossible murder – solve it without being able to go anywhere, or conduct any investigation – he may become the only suspect.

Full of insight into how the criminal law works and how it doesn’t, Laredo Slider is an exciting and worthy successor to The Shadow of Justice.