Cubs heavy favorites to land Bryce Harper according to odds


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Would surprise me if he's the guy the cubs go after. They specifically made an effort to cut down on K's this year albeit not going how they wanted. They lost too much power. But Harper struck out 24.3% of the time last year. And two of the last three seasons his batting average was under .250. On top of that he's going to get a QO. If it were my money I'd sign Machado.


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Seems like it's been "known" for so long that the Cubs will sign him, that I expect no such thing.

Like the obvious David Price signing three years ago when we went for Heyward.

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I think his price tag is going to be too high.

We kinda already strapped with Yu and Heyward.

Unless Harper can get back to his 2015 form, he is most likely not worth it.


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Lester: 27.5M
Heyward: 20M
Darvish: 20M
Hamels: 20M (opt)
Zobrist: 12.5M
Chatwood: 12.5M
Morrow: 9M
Quintana: 10.5M (opt)
Rizzo: 11.286M
Cishek: 6.5M
Kintzler: 5M
Duensing: 3.5M
Smyly: 7M
165.286M Before arb.
Bryant, Baez, Schwarber, Russell,Montgomery, Hendricks. 30 mil tied up is really not a huge reach on the rest.

They would have to break lux to make it happen or trade Heyward or not opt Hamels.

They could get creative and trade Q and shed his 10.5 Mil and trade Schwarber's pending case with Chatwood. for prospects.
Start Smyly and still have Montgomery in the wings.
Let Russell walk.

That may open up 25 mil which works for a starter year with him but they are rolling the dice on Smyly recovering.

I really doubt it myself due to the loss outweighing the gain. But if they were able to back load it some what it is possible. 2020 they would drop Zo, Duesing, Hamels, Kintzler, Smyly, Strop. Plenty of opened up payroll to readjust.

That way they could break tax in 2019 then let payroll shed naturally in 2020 to reset.


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Actually they are dropping near 50 mil in 2020. If they are looking to give Joe 1 more shot why not.

Rizzo 1B
Bryant 3B
Harper LF
Baez SS
Zobrist 2B (F/A)
Heyward RF
Almora CF
Contreras C


Hamels (F/A)

Kintzler (F/A)
Strop (F/A)
Cishek (F/A)
Smyly (F/A)
Duesing (F/A)

28 players with 3 bubble guys.
4 guys going Arb1
7 guys dropping off aft the year. All they really would have to do is eat Duesing and Kintzler's deal. Russell begins on 40 day (back dated most likely) so they have some time to figure him out. Not offering Arb would be the smart choice.

If they decide to resign Chavez then another guy would have to go. A Arb1 guy makes sense then like Edwards.


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CSF, Cubs are going to make big changes in their offense. What they have isn't working. If you or other people can't see that, I don't know what to tell you.
CSF, Cubs are going to make big changes in their offense. What they have isn't working. If you or other people can't see that, I don't know what to tell you.
Of course they do and other than a insurance policy for Morrow and the usual bullpen tweaks they don't have to worry much about pitching if they pick up the Hamels option. I don't want Harper though. The guy has ONE season over 5 WAR and that's concerning given the $350 mil or so it will take to sign him. I go with Machado and Michael Brantley and use Schwarber to get another OF hopefully to play CF. Machado has had 3 seasons of 6 WAR or better btw and will likely sign for a little less than Harper.