Fire Drop Home Opener, 5 Goals in last 20 Minutes


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So we went down with 2 first half goals (9' and 44')... pressed all over in the second half but couldn't quite get lucky enough until Katai scored in his debut in the 70' (really liked the way he carried the play in the 2nd half) and within 12 minutes Nikolic had scored a brace to give us the lead. Literally a minute later it was tied again and three minutes after that it was a deficit and ultimately a defeat.

Crazy game... need to add CB and GK for sure, but our offense looks potent when it is going. Bad start on paper to the season, but this team should be exciting... hopefully we can shore up the defense and make a run of things. Minnesota on the road next week, always hard to win away from home but that should be the team to do it against.


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At the start wasn't too hopeful. The offensive surge later was fun to watch, certainly winnable but gave up too much quickly with the lead. Should be interesting as the season progresses with the Katai/Nicolic combo up front.