Lions beat writer on drugs...


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And no one thinks Belichick would give a shout out to a HC and GM who worked with him for years, who are now officially on the hot seat in Detroit? As Ommy would say...not buying it.

That said, I posted the article without reading it first. Thought the headline was insane enough...
Good point and even better admittance.


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What I don't get about this is why didn't the Rams run Gurley more? You can't have play-action when there's no threat of running the ball.


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Thanks Bill...Patricia giving up 30 points and losing 30 to 16 hd to be a brilliant plan...or just a mfer that worked for u and ur giving a shout out.


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Or maybe BB is a better coach with smarter players than Patricia so executed the blueprint better.


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Belichek said the same thing
That has been established, yes. I stated I didn't read the article before posting previously in this thread. Again, my bad.

Unfortunately, there are those who still point that out, because they themselves haven't actually read the thread before posting. I find that interesting...