***OFFICIAL*** 2019 AAF Season Long IGT (Kickoff 2/9/19 - 7:00PM)


CCS HoF: Class of 2015

The day is finally here! The Alliance of American Football (AAF) kicks off tonight at 7:00PM!

Interesting AAF Rules that differ from the NFL:

— There will be no television timeouts and fewer full-screen commercial breaks. That, along with a 35-second play clock (the NFL’s is 40 seconds) and some of the changes listed below, could shave 30 minutes off an NFL game’s traditional three-hour running time.

— No extra points. Every touchdown will be followed by a two-point conversion attempt. Field goals are still an option in regulation, however.

— No kickoffs. Each team starts a possession after a score or at the start of a half at their 25-yard line.

— Instead of onside kicks, which are not allowed, teams will attempt the equivalent of a fourth-and-12 play from their 28-yard line. A conversion means it keeps the ball. These will only be allowed when a team is trailing by at least 17 points or for either team in the last five minutes of a game, according to the Associated Press.

— There will be a ninth member of the officiating crew called a “SkyJudge,” who will sit in the press box and “use real-time technology to correct clear errors involving player safety anytime during a game, and pass interference inside of five minutes left in the fourth quarter,” the AP reported.

— Overtime is different: Each team will get the ball only once, first and goal from the 10, and they have to score a touchdown and go for two (field goals are not allowed in the extra period). Games can end in a tie.
Official AAF Teams:

East Division

Birmingham 1-0
Orlando 1-0
Atlanta 0-1
Memphis 0-1

West Division

Arizona 1-0
San Antonio 1-0
Salt Lake 0-1
San Diego 0-1


Week 1:
San Antonio Commanders 15, San Diego Fleet 6
Orlando Apollos 40, Atlanta Legends 6
Birmingham Iron 26, Memphis Express 0
Arizona Hotshots 38, Salt Lake Stallions 22

Week 2:
Salt Lake Stallions at Birmingham Iron, 2 p.m. ET, TNT

Arizona Hotshots at Memphis Express, 8 p.m. ET, NFL Network
Orlando Apollos at San Antonio Commanders, 4 p.m. ET, CBS Sports Network

Atlanta Legends at San Diego Fleet, 8 p.m. ET, NFL Network


CCS HoF: Class of 2015
As a life long, diehard Memphis Express fan... I expect them to upset Birmingham this weekend!


Soldi Soldi
Since there is no Chicago Aaf team maybe the admins could make a new Memphis Express section for us since it's the closest team


CCS HoF: Class of 2014
Memphis is going to Express its jizz all over the B-Ham's tits and face early and often tonight.

32 - 9 Memphis

Watch and learn.


CCS Donator
Legends have the best roster because they have the most names I recognize. Denard Robinson going to light the AAF up. With that said, I guess I'll root for Memphis cuz Singletary. :bearbang:


CCS HoF: Class of 2014
Seem weird there is not really a midwest team, the most rabid fans with the least to do in the country.
I dunno, theres a ton of died in the wool, hardened core, ride and dye Memphis fans around me who have had Express rabies since the franchise started, and I live in the SW side of Chicagoland.


CCS HoF: Class of 2015
I dunno, theres a ton of died in the wool, hardened core, ride and dye Memphis fans around me who have had Express rabies since the franchise started, and I live in the SW side of Chicagoland.
My neighbor and his family all had matching red and blue Memphis gear on today at the clubhouse for our weekly neighborhood bunco league.


Soldi Soldi
I ordered a hat and a T-Shirt off thr website I hope it comes soon hopefully I can make it down for a couple games this year and meet and tailgate with other Express Fans (CHOO CHOO!). On casual Fridays (1 day before game day sometimes!) I plan to wear my Express T-shirt to the office.


Soldi Soldi
Just looked up prices on ticket-master … Front row center 50 yard line tickets only 100$ that's a great deal going to solider youre gunna pay at least double that for a home game unfortunately ...