Report: Cubs considering bringing back Addison Russell


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I am completely against Addison Russell ever playing for the Cubs again. Cut your losses and sell low to get this scumbag off the team.

Plenty of other middle infielders that can hit out there to replace him. Guy's a head case and all of those thoughts of "future MVP" should be completely gone at this point.
Yeah like Javy Baez, then at second u have Zobrist, Descalso, Bote, Happ. We don't need Russell but his trade value is so low we probably won't get anything for him. Why not sign Machado, You know he doesn't want to play for the White Sox and their offer of 8 years for $180M That's about $23M a year. Surely the Cubs could offer him 10 years at $210M.


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Apparently Riley is asking the cubs to let Russell get a second chance here thru a conversation with Theo.

I mean, of course she wants it, as long as the cubs forward the child support.