What would you rather do?

I loved the first half since both defenses were playing lights out and I have no issue with that.

But over the 3rd quarter, it felt less like great defense and more like opportunities being missed so it became great defense but also bad offense when the moments arose for both QBs. All of this is subject to my memory so I can be mistaken or shown that it actaully WAS solely a great defensive battle but I don't think it really was - or at least was only partially a great defensive battle sprinkled with quite a few missed big plays for the offenses.

All that said: Super Bowl. No question. Fuck the Pro Bowl.


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I loved this Superbowl. Hate the high scoring all offense ones...
Same. This was one of the more entertaining Superbowls for me for a while. The type of game where every score mattered hugely. One of the reasons I love soccer so much and can't be bothered with basketball.


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I liked the Super Bowl game. it was better than last year. I prefer defensive games, like Broncos/Panthers, another game that all the casuals cited as "boring".

that Rams punter is a savage indoors. I don't think you can claim no offense given that Brady was moving the ball starting from his own 5 for like the majority of the game. by about mid-field the Rams got stops. I expected the Patriots to win, but by a lot more.

seeing Goff get destroyed was a bonus.