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Thread: Harold Baines in the HOF is a confirmed JOKE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rory Sparrow View Post
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    Yeah, the Rebecca Lobo thing was basically "a bridge too far" with kind of eliminated any hope you had that the person you were talking to might actually be 'normal', and his sports musings (Adam Dunn is a better fielder than Derek Jeter!) were just an act.
    lol What site was this on?

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    One of my favorite lefty moments was actually on this other site I've discussed, where rustysurf (also a member here) posted. People were razzing lefty for being a fraternity type guy. So lefty posts a picture. It goes as follows:

    lefty: posts picture

    *** various other posters chime in *****

    rusty: who is the fat chick?

    lefty: that's my girlfriend you dickless piece of shit [or some variation thereof]

    rusty: ouch. That sucks man.
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