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Thread: How badly will Mcgregor beat Mayweather?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adipost View Post
    GGG was robbed
    For walking forward, not landing cleanly, and eating big shots?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calabis View Post
    lmao...GTFO with that garbage. MMA fighting washed up retired boxers is your example....its simple...not all MMA guys know how to shoot at legs and when they dont, you can take a guy who was a TOP 10 Heavyweight in the UFC and just fought for the championship a year prior against a 48 year old boxer.....then watch him get knocked out in a MMA match

    or former boxer who trains becomes a champ after beating someone no MMA girl could at the time

    Boxer in prime years trains and becomes a champ in MMA......MMA fighter in prime years can train and won't sniff a championship in boxing.
    Marcus Davis was a pro boxer with a record of 17-1-2

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    If they let the fight go 12 rounds and Mayweather wanted to McGregor would look exactly like that.

    Fighting cross sport is difficult. Making match-ups based on your success in the other sport is flat out stupid.

    What if Michael Jordan went straight to world series level baseball? He played as a kid. He had time to prepare. But he would look stupid.

    McGregor looked amazing considering, but if you know Mayweather and you know boxing you know Mayweather was toying with him and treating him like a sparring partner, literally having fun running him through his paces and feeling his punches, laughing the whole time. When it was time for business he decided to put him down and it took him 90 seconds in round 9, and 1 minute in round 10.

    Watch the fight again, notice what happens at halfway through round 9. Guarantee you mayweather was toying. Followed a script that was smart agreed with him and his father and his betting helpers/MGM and UFC, and then took him down.

    It was as fixed as the Canelo judge. the connelo judge could even have been involved and I find it odd this judge also did UFC fights. Since UFC was recently in heavy negotiating behind closed doors with boxing pillars, who happen to hate Golden Boy...

    it was suspicious for a variety of potential reasons. All of it. Both fights. their timing. their results. The way mayweather went about it.

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