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Thread: World Cup Disaster

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    Default World Cup Disaster

    This loss really shook me to the core. I am devastated. I did not even watch the game because I overlooked T&T as badly as the team.

    Perhaps I watch alot of baseball...and one of the golden rules of baseball is that you always go down with your best in the playoffs especially.

    I thought in the previous game against Panama too...with everything on the was insane to start Dempsey on the bench. You go down with your best.



    Zardes Cameron


    Altidore Dempsey

    Cameron/Zardes/Altidore/Dempsey would be the 4 to choose 3 subs from.. Wood for Altidore after about 60. You then have Zusi/Wondo....I would consider an offensive/defensive pairing of a sub depending on how the game goes. You could bolster either direction replacing Zardes the last 20-25.

    Then you make the same offensive/defensive decision between Cameron/Dempsey with Dempsey coming out for Nagbe if you want to defend. And With Cameron coming out for Morris or Dwyer if you need to go firepower, slide Pulicic back and slide dempsey into the high distributer role.

    Wondo-Pulicic-Wood-Dempsey-Morris/Dwyer would be an all out offensive onslaught, but honestly thats the way Germany does it and the way our team is built the last 6 years, Klinsman failed to see this too. The forwards are the most skilled players in american soccer.

    Put them on the field and let them control the game with possession.

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    That was embarrassing. Sucks the world won't be able to see Pulisic on the biggest stage either.

    But there's some hope for the future. Weah could be our next big player...
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