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    This channel came up in my youtube reco's. The guy was a former first round pick of the pads who kinda turned into a 4A type guy but did make the majors. Anyways, he talks about a lot of stuff and basically answers questions about the game that people ask him. It's kind of insightful on stuff we as fans don't really think about. For example, one of the videos I watched was him responding to whether or not he felt like a bust. He made a comment that I felt was really good. The gist was he was a middle infielder and if you include say 3B in that there's maybe 150 guys on the planet good enough to play middle infield in the majors. Went on to say if he didn't feel as though he did everything he could to get better maybe he would feel that way but he did everything he could.

    There was another video about him transitioning to a utility player I found interesting because he talks about how hard it is to switch positions defensively. In particular he talked about the first few times he was asked to play LF which obviously defensively is supposed to be "easy." Looking at his error numbers in the minors I'd estimate he was probably a below average 2B defensively so it's not like he was IDK Lindor or something but he said the first two times he went to field a ball he was like "this is easy, i'm the greatest LF alive." Later in the game he had a ball almost hit him in the face going toward the foul wall because he missed it with his glove and apparently the same thing almost happened again later in the game. After that he was like "this is pretty hard."

    In generally I just found the insights of someone that's not necessarily a star level player kind of interesting because the typical talking heads on TV were stars and the vast majority of MLB players aren't.

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    I will check that out. I find it funny that people would ask anyone who gets to “the show”, to use the phrase from Bull Durham, if they felt like a bust.

    So many players in the minors who don’t get that far. So many more never playing pro.

    Fringe MLB players are still among the Top 1%.


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