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Fantasy Football 2014: Five players that can have a sophomore slump

Some people believe in the sophomore slump while others don't. A sophomore slump can be defined more than one way, just depends on who your talking to. My version of a sophomore slump isn't where a second year player does so bad that you wouldn't even want him on your fantasy football roster. Mine is where the sophomore gets predicted to do better due to his low performance he had in his rookie year, or the ...

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In the world of our beloved Chicago Bears what’s happening to our unloved rivals up north, the Green Bay Packers, is as special as the Tillman-Briggs weekly touchdown show. The Packers came into the season as the heavy favorite to win the NFC North and are now facing the potential of finishing last. That might be wishful thinking but the reality is that this upcoming Sunday the Pack might suffer their fourt ...

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