Sox fans as a whole are very reactive; as I look into the mirror I see one of these. One thing I do to talk myself off the ledge is to take a step back and put it all in perspective. I always have a list that I can look to and keep my head on straight. 2011 is no different; we all need to put this team into perspective.

  1. 1.       Juan Pierre will get caught stealing – Even though it sucks, Ozzie will send him and he will get caught sometimes
  2. Adam Dunn will strikeout … a lot – this will be annoying sometimes, but a reality.
  3. The Indians and Royals are not this good – But, they are now
  4. The Twins and Tigers are not this bad – But, they are now
  5. Carlos Quentin in 2008 was an anomaly – This offends people but until he proves otherwise its true
  6. The players on the field are going to make errors – Sad, but true
  7. Last year was a contract year for Konerko, this year isn’t – See #5
  8. Will Ohman should only face Lefties – Went he doesn’t he gives up runs, Ozzie are you listening?
  9. We have a closer … Sergio Santos – I wish the powers that be could realize this
  10. There is 162 games to play – It’s a long season and we aren’t even 2 weeks into it.

Print this and keep it with you maybe add to it and when the Sox suck for a few games read it and breath deeply and dont forget to look at the above photo :).

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