CHARLOTTE, NC— The Charlotte Bobcats take on the Chicago Bulls tonight, and it should be a highly competitive game.  Charlotte is 31-9 at home while the Bulls are 16-24 at home.  This is a must-win scenario, once again, for the Bulls due to the fact that a Raptors win and a Chicago loss will result in a tied record – and the Rapts own the tiebreaker.  And they play against a poor New York Knicks team at home, as well.  It is extremely unlikely that the Bobcats will rest anybody because they would like to get into the 6th seed and avoid playing the Orlando Magic if they can.

The Bulls need to make an effort to cut off penetration and limit open looks for the ‘cats.  They are fortunately that they go up against a team that is similar to Boston.  On offense, Charlotte mainly relies on scoring from the wing positions (Stephen Jackson and Gerald Wallace).  They also allow their point guards and starting power forward, Boris Diaw, to set up open plays and step up to hit the open jumper – much like Garnett does for Boston.  Charlotte is also one of the best defensive team in the league, as would be expected from any Larry Brown-coached club.  Chicago’s perimeter once again need to be aggressive and fearless against the Charlotte defense.

With a win tonight, the Chicago Bulls would match last year’s record of 41-41 and once again play in the opening round of the Playoffs.

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