After such a great game last night, where do you even start on a night like this? Did you start with a team that gave up double digit runs? Or do you start with a team(the same team) that gets shut out.  Well the White Sox offered up both tonight.  The miscommunication error killed the Sox in the 4th inning when Paul Konerko and Gordon beckham both watched a ball fall to the ground.  Carlos Pena then walked a few pitches later which helped a Tampa run. BJ Upton singled which scored Evan Longoria(no relation to Eva), followed by a sac fly by Pat Burrell, and rbi single by Gabe kapler and Rodriguez helped his cause with an RBI single. But the damage was not done there as the Rays tacked on six runs in the 6th started with a 3 run home run by Sean Rodriguez, an Evan Longoria single and RBI walks by Upton and Burrell.  The Sox offense just had no answer for the young right hander as the Sox were dropped 12-0.

This is Pat, so long everybody!


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