According to speculation, Chicago Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler has been involved in a gambling circuit over the past year. As this is breaking news, there isn’t much information out on this topic. The only thing known at this moment is the below information…

Chicago Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler is being investigated for illegal activity involving a gambling circuit based out of Chicago. Cutler isn’t the only Bears Quarterback to have rumored involvement in this ring in the past 12 years. Reports indicate that Cutler placed an errant telephone call to lay down a bet and gambling authorities intercepted the call accordingly, and returned it for a touchdown. This would be Cutler’s 27th interception of the past year.

This is the first installment of a weekly column called Friday Fun where we will poke fun at the teams and players we love from Chicago. The first victim of FF has been beloved kinda loved quarterback Jay Cutler from the Chicago Bears.

3 thoughts on “Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler Involved in Gambling scandal”

  1. At first I was like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh crap. Then I kept reading and lol’d pretty hard. Lookin’ forward to next weeks!

  2. I thought the same thing, I said holly SHIETTT! NO!!!! then I read some more to get the details and I realized it was a joke. That is some jacked up crap right there! I wonder how the players will view this?

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