Down 4-3 it looked like it would be over. When Marian Hossa was hit with a 5 minute boarding penalty all of Chicago went, ohhhhhhhhhh.  We all thought it was over, even if they pulled Niemi it was only a 5 on 5.  But when the puck was just sitting in front of the goal Pat Kane couldn’t resist, he just had to hit!  Then all of Chicago SCREAMED, well at least me and my friend did in the basement.  Unfortuantely being a major penalty Marian Hossa was still in the box for the first 4 minutes of overtime.  That didn’t matter.  The Preds were 0-5 on the power play today and are now 0-22 on the series.  The man who was hit with the penalty was put in a situation like Kaner was.  The puck is just sitting, do I hit? Oh he hit it, and that gave the Blackhawks a 3-2 series lead.  Ladd, Kaner, Hossa, Hammer and Kopecky all neted goals for teh Hawks in their 5-4 win saturday.  The Hawks look to move to the Western Conference Quaterfinals with a win on Monday night in the Music city.

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