As the Cavaliers sit on their 2-1 series lead, the Bulls should be taking a lesson from their fellow 8th-seed Oklahoma City Thunder.  The Bulls should realize that they have a chance to even the series against the heavily favored Cleveland Cavaliers – just as the Thunder did in their series with the defending Champion L.A. Lakers.  The Bulls have shown that they can match-up fairly well with this team.  Chicago has won 3 out of the 7 games played with the Cavs head-to-head this season.  Derrick Rose can dominate Mo Williams and Joakim Noah can out-hustle and out-work the Cavalier bigs.  Luol Deng is starting to pick up steam, just in time, as he has had 20 points in each of the last two games.

The question remains: can the Chicago Bulls rise from adversity once again, and pull some punches, up against another “NBA Power-house?”  Or are all of the doubters right in their belief that the young Bulls will get laid out on the mat?  We will find out Sunday in Game 4 (2:30 PM CST) on ABC.

Official Series Thread: Chicago Bulls-vs-Cleveland Cavaliers

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