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Honestly, I did not call this pick by any means. I don’t take credit like some may, saying “I called this all along!” I supported Myron Rolle and Nate Allen. In the spur of the moment and not having abundant time to analyze game film due to a recent surgery, I only supported those two.

After sitting down from the draft, watching some more film, and discussing the players and situation…I feel it was the right move.

From my perspective, Allen just doesn’t seem to be the physical safety we’re on the lookout for. If you question Wright’s physical strength and determination, check the comments.

Let’s compare stats.

Wright | 215 Tackles | 8 Fumbles Forced | 9 Interceptions
Eight forced fumbles?! Give the guy credit for that, at least.

Allen | 216 Tackles | 2 Fumbles Forced | 10 Interceptions
So, this dude is still a playmaker…right?

Rolle | 207 Tackles | 1 Fumble Forced | 1 Interception
Sat out last year. Not as much a playmaker, but has character and is a solid defender.

Major Wright, at least on the stat sheet, beats the three safeties I conversed about. I was proven wrong, I’ll admit it. I didn’t really feel the need for Taylor Mays and knew it probably wouldn’t happen anyway, but I’m sure you guys, along with me, would not complain if we got Mays.

Again, Nate Allen just does not seem as physical as Wright. Allen is seen making the “dive-at-your-ankles” kind of tackles, while Major is just straight up hitting.

Also, just look at Wright’s forced fumble count. I mean, if that isn’t a cut above the rest, I don’t know what is.

This is EXACTLY what Lovie Smith is looking for. A player who can force the ball outta the offense’s hands. Why do you think Charles Tillman has been so successful?

Another point: Major Wright is coming from Florida, a powerhouse for putting out well-coached athletes. Therefore, it’s easier for him to jump right into action with knowledge opposed to someone from a small school, similar to Allen.

Regardless, I’ve been proven wrong, not trying to be hypocritical, this was the right move in the end. The 6’0″, 204 pounder should come out swinging, and have at least a slight impact in favor of an improved defense. With a veteran Chris Harris back into the mix, expect heads to roll this upcoming season.

One thought on “Chicago Bears Making the Wright Move? Analyzing the No. 75 Pick

  • April 29, 2010 at 1:48 AM

    Myron Rolle is an SS who’s not great in coverage and isn’t a playmaker. He’s incredibly smart, but the Bears have enough SSs, as seen by the Kevin Payne trade.

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