According to an unnmaed source, he said, “the White Sox and San Diego Padres have had “further discussions about Adrian Gonzalez and even discussed names.”

However it does seem as if the Padres would in a selling mode as they are at the top the NL West.  Kenny Williams would not comment on the report.

Another name being thrown around is Brewers 1B Prince Fielder.  After Ryan Howard recieved his 125 million dollar contract there is speculation that the Brewers will be shopping the Prince.  Obvious destenations would be the White Sox or Red Sox.  A deal would most likely be centered around Dayan Viciedo the AAA First Basemen.  A pitcher like Gavin Floyd/John Danks would most likely be involved and a player in Single-A.  Before doing this trade the Sox would most likely have to move the giant contracts of Alex Rios or Jake Peavy, maybe in a deal to Milwaukee.

2 thoughts on “Could Hitting Help be on the way?”

  1. A deal would not center around Viciedo or Danks/Floyd. More likely Flowers, Danks, and Hudson would be in the discussions. It would not be worth it for the Sox to deal Danks or Floyd. Danks for either of those two straight up I would not do. The guy is a stud and only 25.

  2. Seems like they’d be giving up to much, losing up to two starting pitchers, and then two prospects (though Vicideo wouldn’t be needed after Fielder is taken, but that’s assuming he re-signs with the team.

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