You can hear the Cy Young chants…………….in the distance, far far in the distance, but they’re there!  Peavy looked like his old self today as he threw 7 innings of no runs and 9 strike outs. Jake had struggled like crazy this year but after the first inning against the Texas Rangers last week Peavy has looked like the Peavy of old as no one can hit him.

The Good: It wasn’t only a stellar efforrt by the Jakemister but the offense showed signs of life.  Alexei Ramirez belted his 2nd home run of the season and Andruw Jones hit a double which scored 1 and a single which also scored another.  Andruw Jones has been on an offensive tear as he has 8 home runs and 13 RBI’s.  Alex Rios also showed signs of life as he also had a 2 RBI double. Pierre was off and running again as he swiped 2 bases which gives him 12 on this young season.  Even the old out of shape(sarcasm) Andruw Jones swiped a base which was his 5th on the season.

The Bad: Gordon Beckham once again failed to get a hit however he did walk twice.  Mark Kotsay, DHing tonight, was 0-4 from. OZZIE WE WANT ANDRUW JONES EVERYDAY! Paul Konerko was 0-3 tonight with a walk but I think we can give him a break considering he leads the majors in home runs. Scott Linebrink came in for the 9th and gave up a home run to former South Sider Scott Podsednik but eventually got Callaspo to ground into the game ending 5 4 3 Double play.

The Ugly: Today, there was no ugly.  At this point we don’t really expect anything from Kotsay so he can just stay in the bad area.

The Sox look to pick up the series win tomorrow against the Royals at the Cell at 7:10

This is Pat, so long everybody.

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