Kid K Strikes Out 20

Today is the 12 year anniversary of 1 of the most memorable games in Cub history: the Kerry Wood 20 strikeout game!

Just a rookie, the young right hander made history by embarrassing the Houston Astros on a rainy day at Wrigley. Wood was 1 hit away from a no hitter. The lone Astros’ hit nicked off of Cubs 3rd baseman Kevin Orie’s glove.

It was just Wood’s 5th Major League start. But you couldn’t tell. Only 2 balls put in play by Houston, left the infield in the entire game.

Kerry Wood’s performance is consider by many as the most dominating ever. Sure it wasn’t a perfect game or even a no-hitter but with the rainy conditions Wood overcame more than the other 20 strikeout pitchers.

Sadly, injuries marred Wood’s pitching career throughout the rest of his days as a Cub. Wood now pitches for the Cleavland Indians. However, when he retires, he will be remembered as Kid K the Chicago Cub.

One thought on “Kerry Wood Strikes Out 20 – Flashback

  • May 6, 2010 at 8:31 PM

    That was a great game… I remember making a point to watch it because my grandfather was going to be there. My all-time favorite moment.

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