Now, I guarantee you the internet will be off the hook tonight regarding Castro. Some may be similar to what you're about to read, and some may talk about how Chi-Town will burst into the playoffs from Castro's presence.

I'm here to give you my honest opinion.

The kid is talented. There's no doubt. But, I have a few concerns…

First, I don't see us making it far…even if we do somehow lead the wild card or miraculously come back in the Central. It just appears that we're too inconsistent.

Think about it; we kill the Brewers, who killed the Pirates, then we end up being the Pirates' mess to sweep. Does that add up, or am I stupid?

Pittsburgh, who has been at the bottom of the food chain for years and are too tight-wadded to keep good players, just swept our Cubbies…after we killed Milwaukee.

Inconsistency has always been a problem this season. Also, we don't seem to be hitting well with people in scoring position. This pisses me off beyond belief…

Then, what if Castro goes cold, Lou pulls the plug on him, and it stunts his growth?

Think about it…

Oh so mighty Castro comes up and smacks one out in his first at-bat. Sweet. Then he can't hit to save his life, gets sent down, and the kid's ego is shot.

Not saying this WILL happen, by any means, it's just a possibility that should be considered.

I pray it will not happen, as this dude may very well be the future.

On a more optimistic, positive note, I believe we have the club in place to make a run. If we can find consistency and the fun we had in 2007 or 2008.

The pitching is…stellar, when they wanna be. We hit very well, but just can't seem to knock anyone in before it's 2 outs. I just don't see Castro being the amazing person to create a playoff team, as he's young and we have more problems.

I hope he proves me wrong, badly. Oh, and by the way, Marlon Byrd just cranked out a 2-runner.

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