The Cleveland Cavaliers have taken a big gamble by firing Mike Brown on Monday.  Brown had served as head coach for the Cavaliers for 5 seasons with no NBA championships and 1 Finals appearance to show for it.  This might be foreshadowing of other Cav’ roster changes or moves  – and perhaps even LeBron James, himself, walking out of Cleveland as a result of the aire of uncertainty that surrounds the Cavs’ future. 

This move comes after, what many consider to be, a surprising Semi-finals Playoff loss to the Boston Celtics.  Brown has been considered a sub-par offensive coach by many around the NBA, and it seems as though Cavs’ GM Danny Ferry has had enough of the lack-of execution by the Cavaliers come-time of the later rounds of the NBA Playoffs.  There has also been reports of squabbles between Mike Brown and some of his players, which would also explain why the Cleveland front office cut Brown loose. 

It has been speculated that the Cavaliers are going to make a push for the Duke Basketball/Team USA coach, Mike Krzyzewski.  Brown’s firing might have been, in part, a gamble to make a play on Coach K.  By offering him the right price, and LeBron (if he elects to stay), it just may entice Krzyzewski to set sail for NBA waters.  This is an unlikely, but a somewhat threatening, scenario to Chicago’s bid for potential-free-agent LeBron James.

Chicago surely doesn’t want Mike Brown.  It would be an odd move, to say the least, if the Bulls were to bring in the now-former Cleveland coach.  It could easily be interpreted as picking at the Cavs’ left-overs, thereby making them look much weaker in the role of suitor for, 2-time reigning MVP, James.  And since other former good-caliber candidates are available (including many other recipients a the “NBA Coach of the Year” Award), be extremely surprised if the Bulls show even the slightest amount of interest in Brown.

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