10. 1977: The South Side Hit men.  This is what the Sox would beknown as for most of the late 70’s and early 80’s.  Bob Lemon won the AL Manager of the year award and the Sox were in 1st place through August.  However, they tanked at the end in route to a 3rd place finish.

Lemon was named AL Manager of the year in 1977.

9. 1990: Bobby Thigpen was the leader in saves, all-time. Led by the Big Hurt, and Robin Ventura the youthfull White Sox won 94 games.  However, the A’s had a remarkable season finishing with 103 wins. The Sox failed to reach the playoffs.


8. 1993: Led by Frank Thomas, Robin Ventura and Jack McDowell the Sox won 94 games and won the AL West.  They won the Division series and were set to face the Toronto Blue Jays in the ALCS.  The Sox couldn’t carry there success to that series and lost to the eventual World Series Champions.

Frank Thomas: 2 Time league MVP

7. 2000: This team had unlimited potential.  However, many felt like they underachieved to the max.  The Sox still managed 95 wins and a AL Central Title.  The Sox sent franchise records in runs, RBI’s and Home runs but couldn’t carry the success to the playoffs.  The Sox were swept by the Mariners in the Division series.

Frank Thomas

6. 1906: This is the year the White Sox won their first ever World Series Championship.  The Sox won 93 games this year and finished 3 games ahead of the New York Highlanders.

5. 1919: Many people know the Sox for what the “8 men did out” did.  The betting scandall which payed 8 Sox players 5,000 dollars each.   However, before that the Sox had an excellent season.  Going 88-52.  The Sox were favorites to win the Series led by Joe Jackson however the Reds were crowned Champions after the Sox threw the series.

Joe Jackson

4. 1917:  In 1917 the White Sox won a franchise record 100 games going 100-54.  The Sox won the pennant by a commanding 9 games over the Boston Red Sox.  The Sox won the first two games in Chicago over the NY Giants.  Back in New York the Giants managed to do the same thing and the series was now tied at 2-2.  The Sox made an excellent comeback in Game 5 and eventually won the World Championship in Game 6.

3. 1959: Before 2005 this was the last time the White Sox had made the World Series.  The Sox finished 94-6o.  This was their first apperance in the World Series since 1919.  The Sox were led by Al Lopez, Nellie Fox(League MVP), Luis Apparicio and Cy Young winner Early Wynn.  The Sox won the 1st game of the series.  However, the Los Angeles Dodgers would win the next 3 of 4 to take the title in front of over 92,000 fans. This team is commonly known as the Go Go White Sox.

2. 1983: The White Sox were rolling all season. The Sox won the AL West and were heavy favorites to win the World Series.  Unfortunately the Sox lost in the ALCS to the Baltimore Orioles in 4 games.  The Sox had the AL Rookie Of the year (Ron Kittle) and AL CY Young winner LaMarr Moyt.

1.  2005: This might be the easiest choice of them all.  In 2005 the Chicago White Sox went 99-63.  The Sox finished in 1st place after beating the Tigers in the 2nd to last series of the season. The Sox then went 11-1 in the playoffs with their only loss coming against the Angels in the ALCS. They swept the Red Sox, then took 4 of 5 from the Halos and finished there improbable season with a sweep of the Astros.  AL Central Champions.  AL Champions.  World Series Champions.

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  1. RamiTheBullsFan

    I’d go out on a limb and say that 1919 was the worst season in White Sox history. But I understand why you went in the order that you did… nice job.

  2. I don’t think this is a very good list, especially in terms of the order. What about a bunch of the seasons from the 50s and 60s? ’63, (especially) ’64, ’65? Or even ’72?

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