Corey Cooper was a Safety at Proviso East High School near Chicago. Cooper has signed his letter of intent to play football at Nebraska next year.  I caught up with him for a brief interview.

PH: Why did you decide to choose Nebraska over Illinois, after already committing to Illinois?

Corey: I felt a lot more comfortable with the coaches on the NeBraska coaching staff.

PH: What position do you intend on playing?

Corey: Safety.

PH: What is your best strength as a football player?

Corey: Athleticism and instinct.

PH: Did you and Kyle Prater ever consider going to the same school?

Corey: Me an kyle considered going to school together however I went with what was best for me.

PH: Did Charlie Weis leaving affect your choice to not attend Notre Dame?

Corey: Yes, him leaving did affect my decision.

PH: Who is the best player you have ever matched up against in a game?

Corey: Kyle Prater (WR for USC)

PH: How do you think Proviso East Football will prepare you for NCAA football?

Corey: The coaches on the staff did it a lot for me in preparing me to go to the next level.

PH: Which team are you most looking forward to playing against?

Corey: Texas and Oklahoma.

PH: Are there any hard feelings between you and the University of Illinois?

Corey:  No hard feelings at all, I did what was best for myself and my future.

PH: What is the best advice you have ever gotten regarding playing football?

Corey: Go out there and just dominate.

Thanks to Corey for answering a few questions with us!

One thought on “Catching up with Safety Corey Cooper

  • May 27, 2010 at 4:25 AM

    I have read about Corey on other web sites. I have not seen him play personally , but from what i have heard……the boy is a beast. i still think he should of gone to Champaign, i will still look out for him this up coming season. The interviewer i thought had GREAT questions, he should try getting a interview on DJ Richardson since he is back home for summer

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