I was able to catch up with future Illini WR Ryan Lankford tonight.  Lankford displays great playmaking capability and has potential for big payoff. His play will be reminiscent of slot machines, small investment with potential big time earnings for the Illini.

PH: What do you believe is your greatest strength as a football player?

Ryan: Playing wide receiver, I would have to say my elusiveness.

PH: What do you need to work on before the season?

Ryan: Before the season I am going to work on my hands. As a receiver, there is never a time where you shouldn’t work on your hands and route running. There is always room for improvement.

PH: Who on the team has taken you under their wing?

Ryan: Tavon Wilson was my host on my official visit in December.  I hung out with most of the players that weekend but, he was my host. That is why I would say Tavon.

PH: To you, what would be considered a successful season?

Ryan: A successful season to me equals, me doing what the coaching staff tells me to do to the best of my abilities. Also excelling in the classroom as well.

PH: Do you have intentions to run track at Illinois?

Ryan:  I would love to if given the opportunity. They are bringing me in to play football so we will see. Football will always be my first priority.

PH: What are your expectations for this year’s team?

Ryan: To be better than we were last year in all aspects of the game. I think we’re going to have a good year.

PH: Prediction, what will be the Illini’s record next year?

Ryan: More wins, than losses.

PH: We can end with something on a lot of people’s minds….who do you have winning the NBA Finals?

Ryan: I kind of would like Phoenix or LA to win it.

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for ChiCitySports and our fans. As I spend most of my time playing online black jack and bringing in big bucks, I’ll be considering how the Illini could be winning big with this recruit as well.

4 thoughts on “Interview: Ryan Lankford”

  1. I am very excited to see him play. Illini has been recruiting very well lately, my fav is terry hawthrone, i saw him play in high school i like his style, as for ryan i do not know what to expect maybe he will rise up for illinois, we will have to see

  2. Very well done. I think Mr. Lankford can go be a factor.. Having great speed and top end speed.. He should work on speed releases off the line. Fast reps at jump rope to develop very quick feet. With his size, he will be a problem for defenders.. Study the greats, you can attack the DB also with your hands.. Shadow Box for quickness and reaction to contact… God Bless you on this journey… From one Paxon Eagles Cornerback #3 co/1992 to Wide Receiver Mr. Lankford #3 co/2010.. Out of respect..I want you to always look to yourself that way. Even if it has to be ut as a nickname..You’re Mr. Lankford… Go Fighting Illini-you just got a new fan here..

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