Today joining me is Wisconsin basketball recruit Duje Dukan

BP:  What made you choose Wisconsin over all the teams that were recruiting you?

DUJE: Wisconsin was the ideal situation for me, they had a great history of winning and improving players through their four year careers that really intrigued me. Also, I wanted a school with a great combination of academics and athletics and with Wisconsin you have top notch academics and with athletics you get a team always at the top of the Big 10 and going to the NCAA tournament.

BP: Do you feel that you can help Wisconsin right away?

DUJE: I think that if I continue to put my time in the weight room and on the floor this summer and learn the offense and the strategy of what we want to do, I think I can put myself in a position for me to contribute.

BP: What are your strengths as a basketball player?

DUJE:  My strengths as a player are shooting and utilizing my versatility so posting up smaller guys or bringing big guys out on the perimeter and going by them.

BP: What do you think you need to work on?

DUJE: My strength is something I need to work on because the level of physicality changes drastically from high school to college especially to the Big 10.

BP: Which stadium are you most looking forward to playing at?

DUJE: The stadium I’m looking forward to most playing at is the Kohl Center, we pack the place every game and I can’t wait to put on my jersey in front of the home crowd knowing everyone is there supporting you.

BP: Which team are you most excited to play against?

DUJE: I’m excited to play everyone this year because the Big 10 is such a great league you get the top competition in the country and you play against great players every night.

BP: When did you start to get recognized as a player?

DUJE: I started to get recognized during my junior year while I played for Steve Pratt and Full Package Athletics.

BP: what do you think will be the hardest part about going from a high school team to a college team?

DUJE: The hardest part of the transition from high school to college for a player is the speed and physicality of the game because people are so much faster and the ball moves so much faster up and down the floor. Players are much more physical trying to do anything they can to outplay you or gain an advantage. Kids need to realize that they need to work on every aspect of their game, their strength, shooting, ball handling everything so that they are properly prepared for the college level.

Thanks again Duje, hope you can join me again sometime!

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  1. This is a mature young man who will be a superstar to come for Wisconsin in the next four years.

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