It’s summer and you know what that means. Information about the upcoming Madden 2011 is going to start rolling out. A handful of screenshots and some blogs on updates to the game have been posted by EA Sports over the past couple weeks.

A big piece of information that has came out was Gamestop releasing a list of overall team ratings for Madden 2011 here. The Bears have seen a +2 increase in overall from Madden 2010. They are ranked 20th in the game overall and are 3rd in the NFC North behind the Vikings (88 OVR) and Packers (87 OVR). The are above Detroit (68 OVR). Sound off on the forums and let us know what you think.

Madden 2011 overall team ratings by division

Madden 2011 overall team ratings by rating.

You can discuss the Madden 11 ratings more on our forum located HERE

17 thoughts on “Madden 2011 Overall Team Ratings Released”

  1. i think the vikings shoud be at least a 93. and the saints should be a 87 cuz there not that good and the bronco’s should be better by 2points.the rams should be 73.

  2. ummmm…the ravens at 90????……im thinking like 86 or 87….

    and how in the world did the colts, saints, and vikings go down?? considering there hasnt been any major changes to any of those teams at all…..

    both the vikings and jets will prolly finish the seasons with a 90 overall on madden 11.

    the jets defense looks like a force to be reckoned with this year though especailly there secondary.

    only other thing i cant seem to understand is why would u put the colts and jets on the demo….and i wonder what rating mark sanchez will have this year..and how he will change through out the year with updates….

  3. Your arbitrary judgments on the numeric scores for these teams really ought to be listened to. Perhaps there’s a job waiting for you at EA?

  4. how in the heck do the vikings ratings go down this year and last year was the best they had in three year and roster hasnt changed much and many player have improved their game

  5. wtf man who ever did these fuckin ratings suck…man they have no clue wat there talking about!!!! they think they do but they really dnt!

  6. i think the raiders should be higher than that i really believe there gonna be better than the chiefs and the broncos!

  7. these rankings r horrible I mean who really comes up with this crap? The cowboys 86 NFC champions explosive offence who add the number one wr in the draft cmon now. Chi add julius peppers Chester Taylor they diserve a little bit more. Detroit have a great draft a great offseason ant there 68 r u guy freaking high get ur shit together ea!!!!!!

  8. These rateings are garbage whoever came up with this should be fired I don’t think u guys got one teams rateings were it should be. U guys really robbed chi dal det Denver Get ur shit together ea sports

  9. WTF is with these horrible ratings… I mean seriously …. Idk but it seams to me that thoes fckn retards at ea are big redskins fans or something…. Why do they go up 6 percentage points??? Because they got mcnabb??? And WTF is with the jets ratings!?! I mean rex Ryan made some really good descisions in the draft plus he did some major trading for some freaking awsome players including ladanian tomlinson and Kyle Wilson…. Same thing with the ravens and Vikings….. I mean seriously EA….. You better change these ratings quick… Cause you really f***Ed this game up…..

  10. I agree with the ratings complaints everyone seems to be having. The Saints, Colts, and my personal favorite, the Vikings, all obviously had better records then alot of those other teams did yet all 3 rank lower this year. For instance, how can the Ravens be ranked higher then the Vikings (90 compared to 88) when the Ravens were taken out earlier in the playoffs then the Vikings were AND the Vikings beat the Ravens during regular season play? Let’s not forget that the Vikings had a higher winner pertage throughout the pre, regular, AND post seasons then the Ravens did. If they are looking at it from a “draft” perspective, Sergio Kindle is out with a skull fracture and he was the Ravens big pick, so it cant be that he is contributing to the stats. Hopefully once EA’s contract with the NFL runs out 2K will come back with some decent football games and might actually have someone who watches football create the stats. Looks like we are stuck with “Create-A-Player” and “stat adjusting” in the meantime.

  11. the big easy is the shit and will repeat this yr.. there better then last year defending champs so how do they drop in the stats.. drew brees is even on the cover come on now! WHO DAT

  12. How can you possibly rate the Bears so low? They picked up Mike Martz and Mike Tice. They acquired Julius Peppers via. free agency. The bears won the NFC North. The Bears beat the Vikings twice and the Packers once. Really? Even if the ratings are incorporated into the game before the season starts they already added Julius Peppers on the 1st day of free agency. Wow!

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