“He Gone”


“Stretch, get on back there!”

“You can out it on the boaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard YES!”

For years Hawk has been the voice of the Chicago White Sox.  Whether it is “Hawkisms” or it is yelling about umps, Hawk never seems to disappont. One thing that Frank Thomas said really got me thinking.  He talked about how Hawk always wanted every Sox player to succeed and really cared about them. When you listen to a Sox broadcast you get a different feeling then when you listen to any other baseball game.  Hawk really knows the game and knows the currents Sox players.  He always has stories from a team plane trip to an opposing  city or how he talks with the players before the game.

Hawk really loves the game of baseball.  His stories about Ted Williams are always interesting and informing.  It really gets you thinking about the Golden Age of baseball and what not.

Hawk is 68 years old and his passion and dedication to the game makes you have that much more respect for him.

I am a huge Sox and Hawk fan and Hawk Harrelson night inspired me to write this piece.  Some people I know I hate Hawk and they are Sox fans.  I have so much respect for Hawk Harrelson.  He has been brninging me commentary for 17 years of my life.  This might sound stupid or corny but Hawk was like a grandpa that would pass down stories to his grandson, and I was the grandson.  I would listen and I still do listen with awe of his stories.

Hawk is a great man andwhen he retires I very much believe that it will be a great loss for this organization and the game of baseball.

Thank You Hawk.

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