Right when it seemed like Gavin had finally got his confidence back, Matt Thornton just comes along and takes it away!

Gavin Floyd was excellent in his start today.  Floyd went 6 strong innings giving up 1 run and 6 hits while striking out 8.  Despite his strong performance Gavin still has a6.18 ERA on the season.  However he looked good tonight as he wasn’t leaving his pitches up in the zone which was the key to his success tonight against Detroit.

Where was the offense? We dont know, the front office doesn’t know, Ozzie doesn’t know and quite frankly I dont think the players even know.  So who is to blame? Is it Greg Walker? Ozzie Guillen? Or do we leave it on the shoulders of the players.  Quite frankly I think it’s a mix of all 3.  Greg Walker has produced 2 bad hitting teams the last 2 years.  Many are saying that the Sox should blow it all up.  I am starting to think that we include Ozzie, and Walker.  As grateful as I am for the 2005 World Series championship, that can only go so far.  And right now I think that it has reached it’s limit.

Back to the game, actually there really isn’t that much.  Mark Kotsay blasted his 6th home run of the season, a 2 run shot but that is all the Sox would get. Another positive was Paul Konerko, we can always count on him.  Paulie was 2-2 with 2 walks.

Well, that was easy.  That is all that happened.  Well, since I need to fill up more space I will talk about the negatives. Omar Vizquel was 0-4 from the 2 hole. Carlos Quentin was also 0-4. Maybe worst of all was Gordon Beckham who was 0-4 from the 9 hole and now has a batting average below .200.  Other then that there was a lot of 1-4’s and 1-3 with walks.

The Sox will try to tie up the series tomorrow night at the Cell.

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