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As we Bulls’ fans sit and wait for the 2009-10 NBA Season to come to an end, and for the July 1st starting date of Free Agency, we also take note that there is a battle going on between two NBA powerhouses.  The Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics are knotted 2-2 in their series, with vital Game 5 being played tonight in the Boston Garden.  These are widely regarded as the two best teams in the league; the last two teams to win the NBA title, and the two best teams in this year’s post-season.  The Lakers and Celtics are where the Bulls want to be.

So who should Bulls’ fans want to win the NBA Championship? It’s natural that some Bulls’ fans don’t care at all.  Typically, neither L.A. or Boston gets any love from Bulls’ fans.  But there could be differing impacts to be felt in the off-season, depending on which team is the victor. 

Positives of a Lakers’ Victory; Celtics’ Loss:

  • Phil Jackson is more likely to remain the head coach of the Lakers, in the event of a victory.  Cleveland would be less likely to obtain Jackson’s services.  If Jackson were to become the next head coach of the Cavaliers, it would be nearly a death-blow to the Bulls’ hunt for LeBron James.
  • Ray Allen would be more likely to jump-ship, if Boston cannot beat L.A. next season.  There are plenty of teams willing to pay for his services (including the Bulls) despite the fact that he is going on 35 years-of-age.  If the C’s fall short against the Lakers, it is fairly safe to assume that Boston will be trying to get younger.  And giving a brand new contract to Ray Allen would not be the way to go.  He would definitely be more likely to end up in a Bulls’ uniform if Boston loses.

Positives of a Celtics’ Victory; Lakers’ Loss:

  • On the subject of Ray Allen, if Boston loses, he would also be less likely (not only to go to the Bulls), but fall into the hands of a rival – like Cleveland or Miami.
  • It is a fore-gone conclusion that current Celtics’ assistant Tom Thibodeau is going to coach the Chicago Bulls next season.  If he can come away with his tenure with an additional Championship ring, it would boost the team’s resume as a pursuiter of high-caliber free agent players.

It’s true that the Chicago Bulls can use all the luck they can get in terms of free-agency.  Golden opportunities rarely come along, and it is vital for the Bulls’ franchise that they are somehow able to cash-in, and become title contenders.  This Bulls’ writer/fan will be kicking back and watching Game 5 of the NBA Finals as a fan of pro. basketball. 

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the Bulls can rise up to this standard of play, and root for a great series.


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