Today joining me is Illinois Basketball player Meyers Leonard.  Meyers is a 7 footer from Robinson High School. Leonard has been ranked as high as 18 on Rivals.

PH: What made you choose Illinois over other schools you were recruited by?

ML: Just everything, coaching, campus, tradition and the whole package was right for me.

PH: Describe to us your USA basketball experience.

ML: My USA basketball experience was very good. Everybody was nice and I hope to be on a USA team in the future.

PH: How has practice been going for you so far?

ML: Practice has been good. I am doing mostly weight training as I am still recovering from a stress fracture.

PH: What number will you be wearing for the Illini?

ML: #12

PH: What is your biggest strength as a basketball player?

ML: Being mobile and athletic as a 7” footer

PH:  Biggest weakness?

ML: Strength. Gotta keep getting stronger to play in the Big Ten.

PH: Which stadium are you looking forward to playing in?

ML:Madison Square Garden

PH:Which player are you looking forward to playing against?

ML: Jared Sullinger of Ohio State.

PH: How good of a team will the Illini be this year?

ML: We can very exceptional with all the other guys having experience and with me, Jereme Richmond, and Crandall Head coming in.

PH: What do you expect your role on this team to be?

ML: I will battle for a starting position but if not get good minutes off the bench. I hope to be a factor in every game.

PH: Predictions for next season?

ML: Gotta get to the tournament first, but then make a deep run. I think we can be very good.

Meyers Leonard will always be known though for this dunk:

Thanks again to Meyers for joining us, and be sure to stay tuned for future interviews.

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