Joining me today is Sox Triple-A Outfielder, Stefan Gartrell.  Stefan was drafted in the 31st rd in the 2006 draft by the White Sox out of the University of San Fransisco.

BP: You were drafted in the 31st rd in 2006, but have managed to make the Sox 40 ma roster, how did you do it?

SG: my faith in God, it sounds cliche but knowing that my success in baseball is not about where i was drafted, but being able to trust in the athletic ability that God has given me.

BP: Just talk a little about your experience so far playing Minor League baseball.

SG: well it has been a learning experience and a roller coaster ride, i just have to adjust quickly with the ups and downs and find a way to stay as consistent as possible.

BP: Any chance we see you in a White Sox uniform this year?

SG: i really hope so, i think the only thing stopping me is myself and once i get out of my own way i see no reason why not.

BP: What number would you like to wear when you get to the big show?

SG: 1-100. just kidding i don’t really care that much i just want to be there but 7 is my favorite number but i really don’t care, being there will be amazing enough.

BP: What would you say is the best part of your game?

SG: i would say that my hard play is the best part. i whatever im doing on the field i try to do it to the best of my ability if its hitting running the bases or defense in the outfield. and if i need to be specific i would also say being a run producer is a huge part of my game.

BP: What do you still need to work on?

SG: i need to work on more discipline at the plate. im overly aggressive at the plate at times.

BP: Are there any guys on the team that you have become really good friends with?

SG: yeah im good friends with robby hudson and jordan danks.

BP: When you get to the majors which stadium are you most looking forward to playing in?

SG: AT&T park the Giants stadium, i was born and raised in san francisco and i would love to play there.

BP: Which pitcher are you most looking forward to facing?

SG: i wanna hit tim lincecum cuz i wanna see how i would do against the best and the past 2 years he has been the best.

BP: What does Stefan Gartrell bring to the table that can help the Chicago White Sox?

SG: a team player that can help a team when either by doing his job or at times carrying the team, i just like to win and i will help in anyway i can to make that happen.

Alright, a big thanks to Stefan for spending sometime with us.

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