A question that fans around the globe are currently asking, that was considered irrelevant before the Summer of NBA Free Agency 2010, is now being proposed.

Would Dwyane Wade provide more benefit in the Chicago Bulls’ favor than LeBron James?

The Bulls have been missing talent at the shooting guard position following the departure of Ben Gordon. Ronald “Flip” Murray could shoot threes well, but was considered to lack the stamina and conditioning in order to become an everyday starter.

Dwyane Wade is a shooting guard who plays like both a shooting guard and point guard.

D-Wade can not only put down mid-range jumpers with consistency, he can rush to the basket and make lay-ups all day.

LeBron James plays small forward, a position currently occupied by Luol Deng.

Deng has not exactly been a star, but has produced with consistent numbers year in and year out.

If LeBron was to be signed by Chicago, Deng would almost certainly be traded.

There have been rumors with sources on the horizon stating that a D-Wade and Chris Bosh partnership is “imminent.”

My question is, would you rather have Dwyane Wade or LeBron James playing for your Bulls?

The majority would answer “LeBron! That’s no question!”

Well, who would assist the Bulls more?

A lineup of Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Luol Deng is worthy of recognition beyond what’s been drawn from the looks of those five names.

With LeBron, Deng would be more likely to be traded and there would be no stable shooting guard .

Hence the emphasized shooting guard position.

Chicago has always been an inside-the-paint team in recent years. Dwyane Wade added to the Bulls would still maintain that identity, yet be able to stretch the court out when Tom Thibodeau’s defense isn’t on their best game.

While Deng may still be traded if Wade found his way to Chicago, Taj Gibson could step up into the small forward spot.

Gibson, already a better rebounder than Deng, could be made into a lethal offensive rebounder. Wade would still put up his annual 26+ points-per-game.

There’s more of a win/win situation if D-Wade signed with Chicago, who is spoken as more of a leader and locker room influence compared to LeBron James.

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3 thoughts on “Who’s a Better Bull: D-Wade or the Akron Hammer?”

  1. Interesting point about the 2-guard. I had never thought of that. I like the Wade/Bosh combo better than the idea of just Lebron coming in. I think it makes the team more multi-faceted. Although I would have liked to see the Bulls win a ring with their current team. Something about paying big name free agents to come in and win championships smells of Yankeeness. But, I guess if we don’t sign them someone will.

  2. D wade is a way better fit then lebron. Rose is a true pg and has to have the ball, controlling the tempo. Lebron is a point forward who has to have the ball at all times in order to inflate his stats. His goal is a triple double every game. If he is not controlling the tempo no ten dimes a game. Lebron will not come to chicago mark my words thats fact. He says he wants to be the greates ever, but by coming to chicago he will limit himself well at least assist wise. He’s a dominate ball handler and is an attention addict. He stays in cleveland!!!! D wade and Drose!!!!!!!!!!!!to bulls baby!!!!!!!!!!11

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