Joining me today is the 5th best player in the 2013 class according to

PH: You are ranked 5th in the 2013 rankings, describe what that means to you.

JP: the meaning to that from me means that even though im in the top 5 im not satisfied yet and want to keep on working.

PH: Do you have a list of schools that you are considering or down to?

JP: im not considering yet but i like Illinois Washington Georgetown UConn Purdue Baylor and Kansas.

PH: Will you try to recruit fellow Chicago area 2013 prospects, Tommy Hamilton and Alex Foster to whatever school you go to?

JP: yes i would like Tommy and i to got to the same school.

PH: How will you choose what school you go to?

JP: i will pick what school i will go to that’s the best fit for me and where i can be most successful at.

PH: Which schools have you visited? Describe those visits.

JP: i have visited only Illinois on an unofficial because it was close to home it was a very beautiful campus with a lot recourses to take advantage of.

PH: What is your biggest strength as a basketball player?

JP: scoring off the triple threat and making plays, and pushing the ball in transition to score and make good passes.

PH: What do you need to work on?

JP: on my off the ball defense and toning my body up to become more stronger.

PH: What position do you think that you will play in college?

JP: in college i would play the 1,2,3 psitions in college, next year i would be playing my natural position the 3.

PH: What was it like to play in the state Championship?

JP: well it was a very good and emotional experience for me because i only played for 7 minutes because of my foot injury and i wanted to play more but since my team did a lot better with out me it wasn’t that bad at all also knowing that i was one out of few freshmen not alone Chicago players that have a state championship i felt honored.

PH: When your career is done at Simeon, who will be known as the better Simeon alumni, Jabari Parker or Derrick Rose?

JP: well im not really looking at my career to being better than derrick i just hope to be the best i know i can be and represent Simeon one day as a professional basketball player off the court and on the court.

PH: Why did LeBron make the wrong choice by not joining the Bulls?

JP: because he wants a championship badly but his chance in being the greatest are slim because people might think thathe went to miami because he was a coward. thats why kobe has a greater cchance then him now.

Jabari’s Highlights with Simeon

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