Joining me today is prize high school football recruit Ray Drew.  Ray is a 5 star on and a 4 star on  He is considered the 6th best DE in the nation and 15th best overall player.

Here are some of Ray’s highlights from this past season.

PH: You have an offer from every major football program in the country, what does that mean to you?

RD:all that means is that i have been blessed and doing all i can to utilize the gifts the lord has blessed me with.

PH: Out of all of those schools, are you leaning towards one, or have a favorite?

RD: Not at this time.

PH: What is the key to your success?

RD: put and keep God first in all that i do, because without him none of this would be possible.

PH: What is your greatest strength as a football player?

RD: size and strength, good with hands, and fast to be my size.

PH: Biggest weakness? How do you plan to improve on that?

RD: Being consistent with a point of attack.

PH: You have attended camps at Alabama and Auburn, what was your favorite thing about each school?

RD: Alabama was my sophomore year and i liked the way the worked and got your all.

Auburn-a lot of people talk about family but you really see it at Auburn .

PH: . You are a 5 star on but only a 4 star on Rivals, what are you going to do this season to make sure you are a 5 star on both?

RD: Rankings don’t make me as a player, so whether i am a 5 star on both or drop to a 1 star or even unranked, I’m gonna play my game and do my best.

PH: . Would you consider yourself the best DE in High School Football? Why or Why not?

RD: absolutely, i feel that if your not the best at what you’re doing, you are doing something wrong. rankings may say otherwise but in my mind i’m a step above all including the Michael Strahans, Jared Allen’s, and Julius Pepper’s. they may beat up for saying that but that’s just my mentality.

PH: According to your player evaluation, your biggest weakness is Toughness? Do you agree with that?

RD: Not at all.

PH:  What is important to you when making a decision on where you will play?

RD: Academics above all, people, and what the school has to offer.

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