Mets, Phillies Won’t Trade For Lilly

July 27, 2010 - Houston, Texas, United States of America - 27 July 2010: Chicago Cubs Pitcher Ted Lilly.

Go ahead and take two teams off the list of possible Ted Lilly destinations. With the Phillies about to trade for Roy Oswalt (pending his approval) they are off the board. Ted had them on his no-trade list anyway, so it would have been hard to get him there.

The Mets were an ideal landing spot, but the New York Post says they won’t be trading for Ted. Given the Mets free fall in the standings this week that really isn’t too surprising.

That leaves the Dodgers and Twins right now. I doubt the Tigers will try for him since they are just about finished in the AL Central.

The Dodgers are the favorites because the Twins are on the Lilly no trade list and play in the AL. Dodger Stadium will do an excellent job of swallowing up those fly balls and the NL West isn’t exactly the offensive heart of baseball.

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