White Sox Now After Lance Berkman

Now that it appears the chances of landing Adam Dunn are getting smaller the White Sox are moving on to their backup plans, and those appear to include Astros’ slugger Lance Berkman.

July 17, 2010 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States of America - 17 July 2010: Houston Astros first baseman Lance Berkman.

Buster Olney tweets that the White Sox are moving on to him as just one of their plan B options. Berkman is a switch hitter who plays first base and can obviously DH as well. He isn’t having his best season with just a .356 wOBA and a .436 SLG% but moving to US Cellular Field could help him a little and his low BABIP suggests that he is due for some good luck.

Even with Berkman having a bit of a down year he will still cost the White Sox at least one high prospect. That would probably be somebody more in the Brett Morel area than Dan Hudson. Actually given the Astros need at third base Morel would probably be the perfect guy to ship over.

If the White Sox really are out on Dunn, and don’t feel like moving the Earth to get Prince Fielder, Lance Berkman is probably the best option out there. He can hit with power from both sides of the plate, and his glove at first base is solid if Ozzie wants to use him there sometimes.

Another name the White Sox have checked on is Rockies OF Brad Hawpe who fits the left handed slugger mold as well. Hawpe is more of a reserve option though as he isn’t having a great year. His .333 wOBA is certainly better than Mark Kotsay, but isn’t anything special. He can play the outfield, and I suppose first base if needed. The only true advantage to making a move for Hawpe is that he won’t cost anything resembling the top prospects in the White Sox system.

A guy like Luke Scott is still a possibility, and of course the White Sox should be looking to pick up a starting pitcher who can eat up some innings at the very least. I’ll still say the Cubs Ted Lilly wouldn’t be a horrible option, though he is far from ideal.

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