The Sox have “officially” acquired Edwin Jackson from the D-Backs.  Daniel Hudson and David Holmberg are the two players headed to Arizona.

This has been confirmed by the Sports Illustrated, and Hudson has already been quoted on the issue.

The deal seems to be a pretty good one for the Sox as it stands now, but there is still a lot of time before the deadline.

Hudson and Holmberg for Jackson is good for now, but Hudson, Holmberg, and someone not named Viciedo or Beckham, is really good for Adam Dunn.

Kenny Williams has a history of getting what he wants.  And he seemingly really wants Adam Dunn.

As for who is pitching tonight?  That question still remains up in the air, but my guess would be Lucas Harrell.

Much more trade information on it’s way very soon as the White Sox are not hesitating to make a splash yet again this deadline.

UPDATE – The newest on the issue is that the Sox may be trying to move Jackson for Dunn AND then go out and add Brett Myers.

That would be fantastic.

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