Where the Ted Lilly Rumors Stand

After a rush of trade rumors this morning and early afternoon things have slowed down a bit on the Chicago rumor front. The Cubs are still trying to move Ted Lilly and it appears that his suitors are down to the Dodgers and the Yankees.

July 27, 2010 - Houston, Texas, United States of America - 27 July 2010: Chicago Cubs Pitcher Ted Lilly.

The Dodgers have been the hot team after him all day, this morning we thought that maybe Ryan Theriot would go with Lilly but that doesn’t seem likely now. Theriot could still be moved, but that is far from as likely as Lilly moving.

The complication with the Dodgers is that they have no money and want the Cubs to pick up most or all of Ted Lilly’s remaining salary. As I said earlier today the Cubs really want to avoid that. Having the Yankees in the conversation really helps the Cubs leverage in that department because the Yankees obviously won’t have an issue fitting $4 million under their budget.

George Ofman of WGN radio tweeted that the return on Lilly could be Dodger pitcher Jon Ely and SS Dee Gordon. Ely was a former White Sox prospect who was part of the Juan Pierre deal this offseason. He has been in the Dodgers rotation this season, though he has been struggling recently. He has faced the Cubs twice this season dominating once and getting crushed the second time.

Gordon is a 22 shortstop who is having a bit of a down season at AA but still retains a high prospect status. Where he would fit into the future of the Cubs is questionable, but you can never acquire enough high upside athletic shortstops.

I haven’t read any names in a possible Yankees deal, though I’d guess high prospects like Jesus Montero would be off the table.

From a baseball success perspective the Dodgers offer Lilly more of a chance than the Yankees who play in the AL East and a hitters park.

Other rumors of note- Buster Olney states the obvious by saying the Cubs know they can’t move Carlos Zambrano until the winter. The Red Sox called on Sean Marshall and were turned away. Now I’m not one to call for a flat out sale of all young players, but depending on the return I’d listen on Marlon Byrd, Marshall, and even Carlos Marmol (though personally I like watching him too much to want him traded).

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