3:24 PM CST – Sox offered Jackson and Flowers, Nationals wanted Jackson and Viciedo.  3 months of Dunn is not greater than 10+ years of Viciedo.

3:21 PM CST – Deal appears officially dead.  Ozzie said, “I’m glad Jackson is here, I think he is excited. He doesn’t have any pressure on him.”

3:16 – Trades now starting to roll in left and right.  Will Ohman, Ramon Ramirez, Rick Ankiel, Kyle Farnsworth, Octavio Dotel, Wilkin Ramirez, and others have been moved.  Still more to come I think.

3:15 – WSCR has just reported that the deal for Dunn is still not dead.  NEVER GIVE UP!!!

3:05 PM CST – Will Ohman has been traded.  No word on to who.  Highly doubt it’s to the Sox, but I’m bored so even this excites me.

3:01 PM CST – No deals yet.  Come on Kenny, don’t let the rules stop you.  Keep pushing.

2:53 PM CST – I think we can call it an afternoon.  Williams probably making some last second calls, but I’d say it’s probably an Edwin Jackson deadline for the Sox.

2:50 PM CST – Edwin Jackson is not to report to the Sox until the deadline officially passes and he is indeed staying put.  Man, that’s going to be awkward when he finally shows up.

2:39 PM CST – Kenny appears to be pressing very hard after Dunn.  This could be a photo finish.

1:44 PM CST – SI’s Jon Heyman is claiming that Dunn for Jackson is still possible.  Kenny has been known to finish off deals right at the final tick.  Heck, Peavy wasn’t announced until after 3 last year.

1:35 PM CST – We are less than 90 minutes from the deadline. Still just Edwin Jackson.  I’m startin to get nervous.

1:17 PM CST – Adam Dunn is slotted in for third in the Nats batting order for tonight.  RIP to that trade.

12:43 PM CST – Manny deal now a “full-court heave.”

12:31 PM CST – No counter offer has been made from the Dodgers on the Manny offer.  Reports are that the Sox are moving on.

12:27 PM CST- The Adam Dunn deal appears to be dead.  I doubt Kenny Williams will give up that easily on this one, but if Jackson and a lower level prospect is not enough for the Nationals, the Sox may just have to move on.

The Sox are planning on continuing their efforts at acquiring Manny Ramirez, but Ken Rosenthal claims it’s a “half court shot.”  Ramirez is injured, but that has not stopped Williams before.  Expect the Sox to stay in on these discussions, but the Rays, and a “mystery team” are also involved.

The Dodgers apparently declined the original Sox/Ramirez deal because they did not want to eat all of his contract.  However, reports say the Sox were willing to pay up to all but $1 million of it if they did not have to send a player back.

There is currently no word on where Edwin Jackson is.  One would have to expect him to be on his way to the ballpark, but unlike most deadline trades, the itinerary of Jackson is not being discussed by Sox personnel.

More updates to come as part of this post.

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