Where The Hell They Been? 2010 is a weekly column we’ll be doing…well now. Each week we’ll feature a former Chicago athlete and pose the question, where the hell they been? Grueling research (google search) goes into retrieving their current whereabouts & situations they are in. This week we’ll be asking where the hell has Rex Grossman been?

Rex Grossman is a name that is bittersweet for many Bear fans. He was the Bears quarterback during the 2006 Super Bowl season. He was also the reason for our abysmal offensive production. Despite completing a lesser % of passes than Terry Schiavo (my seat is reserved in hell), Bear fans still have love for Sexy Rexy.

Rex was cut from the team in 2009 and took his playing abilities (what is a better synonym for “ability”?) to the Houston Texas, where he spent the season watching Matt Schaub throw for 4,000 yards. After a season of sipping gatorade and telling dick jokes to the 3rd string offense, he signed with the Washington Redskins for the 2010 season. Sweet deal for Rex if you ask me. All he has to do is tote around McNabb’s bags and he gets a couple hundred thousand dollars? I would play for free if I got a team logo satchel to be honest. The money is just more incentive.

Along with backing up McNabb in Washington, Rex has taken on the responsibility of starting the “Fuck It Im Going Deep Club” chapter in Washington. There are less followers in Washington but, he can almost pay his rent in the amount of T-Shirts he has been able to sell. Full Logo can be seen here.

Whether he sees any playing time this season or not, is up in the air. His playing days could be numbered. However Rex Grossman, the actor, is just blossoming. Only a fine-tuned professional could have spotted his professional debut in the 2004 film “Napoleon Dynamite”. Many thought that was Uncle-Rico throwing the footballs in camera. Take a closer look readers…only one quarterback on this planet can successfully throw a football over “them there mountains” and his name is Rex.

We wish you luck Sexy Rexy.

5 thoughts on “Where The Hell They Been? Rex Grossman 2010”

  1. Hey thanks for using my youtube video! lol

    Ah Grossman. I have a friend who was deeply in love with Grossman and was shouting MVP! MVP! MVP! in 2006…that was until the Arizona game in Week 6. He still loved Grossman all the way, but stopped shouting MVP after that game.

  2. Ah, I wish Rex all the best. I think he got a bad rap. If Martz had been here with him it would’ve been a different story. Good Luck, Rex. I wish you much success.

  3. Bloomington Native

    Rex comes from a long line of arrogant elitist genes. He is a spoiled brat who doesn’t know how to work hard and play as a team member. I went to HS w Rex and was always appalled at his lack of respect for others. He acted as if he was the team.
    Rex has never and willnever work fir anything!
    As a pediatrician now living in Lake Forest, I’m
    Glad Rex won’t be coming back to camp in our town!
    Go back to mommy and daddy Rex!

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